Eco-Star Sustainable Business Cards

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Recycled business cards offer a unique opportunity to showcase your brand's commitment to sustainability. Made with 100% EcoStar paper, these cards are both eco-friendly and high-quality. By choosing recycled paper, you're reducing waste and sending a message to your clients and colleagues that you care about the planet and its future.

Despite being made from recycled material, these cards are just as durable and long-lasting as traditional business cards. Plus, their earthy and elegant look adds a touch of natural sophistication to your brand's image.

  • 350gsm 100% EcoStar uncoated
  • 90 x 55mm

All The Fundamentals

Your design should extend to here to ensure that you don't have any white edges on your card. (that is, unless you are going for white)

This line is where we intend to trim your cards.

Put all the important stuff, like your logo, name, address, and any other text in this area only. Any text out of this boundry may be cut off.

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